Born in the rural Mashau village in Limpopo province, in South Africa to parents with little to no education, Constance Nengovhela never once envisioned a future of nautical and entrepreneurial success. Growing up, Constance spent her days raising herself and found herself heading a household at the tender age of 14. Inspite of the poverty that surrounded her, she overcame all odds to become the top matric student in her village, and later the first navigating officer in her entire district. Today, the ‘accidental’ seafarer with a successful career in the maritime industry and who has transversed the globe as a cargo ship navigating officer, is a career-development mentor, a budding inspirational speaker and life coach, and a respected entrepreneur.   


Years back, a difficult and life-changing event that almost broke her would eventually lead Constance on a deep personal spiritual journey in search of hope, mental emancipation, discovery and metamorphosis of self. This awakening and death of the ego in many ways ultimately culminated in the birth of her lifestyle movement Life Beyond. It is said that in order to live, we must die, and this death is that of ‘the ego’ or ‘the self’. A complete dissolution of self is necessary in order to emerge living as a conscious being of servitude, with no societal or self-imposed barriers or borders. These are the founding principles of Life Beyond, a movement that engages in inspirational talks, human resource support, and the design and global distribution of apparel that seeks to inspire, lift boundaries, educate and bring hope.


Having blazed the trails as a seafarer with an illustrious career spanning 14 years in the maritime industry, Constance honed her skills whilst quickly advancing from Deck Cadet to Navigating Officer working for some highly reputable organisations in the maritime industry such as: Transnet National Ports Authority (SA), Unicorn Shipping, De Beers Marine (SA), South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and Grindrod Shipping.


Today, having discovered her raison d’être – or reason for being, Constance is an unstoppable transient being with a deeper appreciation of life, and a more philosophical approach to the same. She dedicates a larger portion of her time to her movement, going to great lengths and sacrifices to ensure her story positively impacts people from all genders, races, religious beliefs, ages and cultures.


The former University of Johannesburg and Cape Peninsula University of Technology alumni enjoys working closely with people who are searching for a deeper meaning to their lives and yearn to live a life beyond just mere existence. Inspite of her fearless drive, empathetic nature and altruistic values which have helped her overcome tremendous obstacles, Constance marks her biggest achievement to date as that of bringing forth into the world her three children. Children she is now purposefully cementing a solid relationship with after long periods of absence spent away from them whilst out at sea.


In her free time, Constance enjoys positive and developmental interactions with like-minded individuals, as well as listening to stories and podcasts of entrepreneurs and luminaries that have built empires and thus shaping the business world as we know it today. One of her favourite mantra’s is a quote by the late former Statesman and President Nelson R. Mandela that states, ‘It always looks impossible until it is done’. A quote that resonates at a deep, cellular level with Constance due to the realization that everything she’s achieved to date, would ordinarily have been considered impossible by those coming from a similar past. In the interim, as she aspires to grow her brand to global heights, Constance continues to re-write her story, transcend obstacles, create paths, and break down barriers.

Constance Nengovhela - a seafarer, a servant leader, a mentor, a nurturer, and a visionary – always gallantly riding on the crest of a wave!