A Life Beyond Creed

With us, there is no why. We simply are. For life is beyond reason. 

Our genetic kinship with all of humanity drives our purpose. 

We aspire to fully live. A life beyond doubt. A life beyond limitations. A life beyond time. 

We recognize that in this life, pain is a great equalizer, and love a great beautifier. 

We encourage sharing life stories, for they have the power and potential to transform lives. 

We believe in the theory of altruism, because we are driven by an empathic motivation to uplift others. 

We acknowledge the barren darkness that often eventually gives birth to a verdant future. 

Therefore we are not afraid of storms, for we have learnt how to sail our ships.

And because we crave cosmic purpose, we shall continue  to find ourselves worthy goals.

It is why we are here, now and in this moment. 

To inspire. To educate. To bring hope

This is why we are are.

A movement. A conduit. A force for change. 

This is Life Beyond!